Hans-Ruedi, Switzerland

Golden Triangle

“The first week of Dec. 2013 we took a tour by car and driver in
northwestern India, most notably Agra and Jaipur, organized by “Geographic
Destination Tours”. The highlight of this tour was the competence,
professionality and hospitality provided by Geographic Destination Tours and
their driver/ guide Varun. Geographic Destination Tours enabled us to see
vistas and experience and understand aspects of Life in India which we could
never have achieved by ourselves. The vista from the top of Fort Jaigarh
illustrates this particular aspect. Furthermore Geographic Destination
Tours also made trips undertaken by millions of tourists, such as Taj
Mahal, unique: Unforgettable how we were able to live the sunrise in the Taj
Mahal compound due to Geographic Destination Tour’s perfect timing and
service experienced by very few tourists only. We will recommend “Geographic
Destination Tours” to anybody knowing that they are able to provide unique
travel experiences that will stay in our memory forever.”


Taj Mahal sunrise