Elena, Italy

Rajasthan Group Tour

“This year, under the tree, Santa Claus gave us a wonderful trip to India. We dreamed of it, we desired it and we wanted it with all our heart.
It was a journey that introduced us to a new culture, wherever the presence of the divine is breathed and the faith is a fundamental aspect in every moment of daily life. A perfectly organized tour! Initially I was scared about all those hours spent in the bus and instead …… every single moment was calculated perfectly. In thirteen days of tour we have really visited all of Rajasthan, we have tasted local foods, making us a clear idea of Indian life. I have to admit that our organizer Manish was precise and clear in the organization, very professional! He accommodated us in every extra request we had forgotten to put in the program. He was very helpful! The place that has remained in my heart is in Ranakpur, the temple of Jainism of Adinatha. There are no words that can honor the blaze of beauty, magnificence, spirituality and at the same time lightness that this temple. I believe truly unique, can communicate . The road to get there is enchanting. The monkeys make the scenery even more magical. Another place that left me speechless is the Taj Mahal. We had entered nervous and irritated and  we came out full of love. A monument is dedicated to the love of a woman. The Indian poet Tagore defined the magnificent mausoleum as “a tear of marble, firm on the cheek of time”. It leaves you breathless! Naturally a special trip for the company, we were a close-knit group; thank you very much to Geographic Destination, which was infallible!”