Geographic Destination offers the unique opportunity to merge your travel desires with lifelong learning through what we call ‘Educursions.’

Educursions blend education with excursion and include tailor-made programs designed with diverse themes in mind such as photography, natural sciences, history or creative arts. The primary audience for these programs includes students but they are open to anyone who believes in ‘learning through doing.’

Our extensive network of teachers and experts in India place us in a prime position to offer safe and well-organized educursions that will leave you with new memories and new knowledge.

Training workshops include:
  1. Photography: Students learn the basics and finer aspects of photography accompanied by on-the-spot application of learning. Audio visual show is included.
  1. Scientific Studies: Students can participate in sky-gazing and workshops that explore the ‘How and Why’ of environment and natural science.
  1. Creative Arts: Allow your inner artist to come out with these fun and creative workshops on painting, batik (traditional Indian textile methods), handicrafts, weaving, needle craft, pottery, wood craft, clay modeling, drama, and street plays.
  1. Yoga: Find your balance with a specially designed yoga workshop that provides a comprehensive introduction to Pranayama, Asanas, Mudras, Kriyas and meditation techniques that you can practice even after you return home.
  2. Adventure Camps and Sports: Seek adventure and make lasting memories with these exciting camp and sport options such as roller-skating, gymnastics, taekwondo, rock climbing, skiing, trekking and white water rafting. Learn key survival techniques on the way.

Training and travel destinations can include national parks, bird sanctuaries, botanical gardens, places of historical significance, hill stations, beaches, adventure camps and other places of tourist interest.

Length of the program can vary anywhere from 1 to 15 days.


Cost and pricing

The cost of your educursion will depend on the topic you wish to explore, the destination chosen and the duration of the training program. Based on your interests the price we quote will include the following:

  • Travel booking and transportation to and from your desitination of choice
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Expert teachers in your topic of choice; one teacher/supervisor is provided for each group of 20 students


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