Maria, Russia

Himalayan Bike Tour

“I can speak for a long time about how greatly I admire Manish Majgaonkar and the way he manages his travel activity.

I first contacted Manish in 2011 while I was doing my pre-travel research. He helped me a lot and invited me to join one of his Himalaya bike tours. This was my lucky chance and I can’t imagine how my trip could be better! I was so thankful to meet such an experienced traveller, guide and biker. And a witty and easy-going personality at the same time, and, which is even more important, an extremely responsible Person.

I’ve been to India numerous times since that trip, but my travel experience with Manish and his company was the best. Why?

Manish is a cosmopolitan, a citizen of the world. The way he manages his business is more than absolutely trustworthy. He is 200% responsible. I trusted him with my life and would do it again. He helped me when I was feeling sick and generally did his best to give me all kinds of assistance and support.

Manish is amazing in communication and just knows a huge amount of places, routes, sights, various hotels and everything else. Not just a travel agent, but a True Traveller. Being an experienced traveller myself, I really appreciate it.

I want to thank Manish for his services and friendship! All the best 🙂

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